Thursday, February 22, 2007

Its been a while, but here goes

Golly, it has been a little while since I last blogged. So much has happened...lets see where to start...

First, the audition I went on was for Periwinkle National Theatre's tour of HALFWAY THERE.

That being said, getting that job has opened a door for me. Actually it kicked me in the ass a little. So, I quit my PR job. I think that I need to focus hard-core on working in the business here, and with my cushy job, I cant do that. I am only going on safe auditions, and I need to get out there more. And make money. So thats that.

Tim and Derek came over President's day weekend, and I made some good 'ole gumbo for everyone. Beau (their puppy) stayed with us while they went to the theatre, and Naomi had a field day. I haven't seen her play like that in years. It was so refreshing. Beau is welcome in our house ANY day.

Later that night, Justen, Tim, Derek and I went to a local bar called Albatross. I have nothing else to say about this bar. Its there. 'nuff said.

LOST is actually getting better. Thank God. Maybe it wont get canceled now. We will see.

Are Jim and Pam ever gonna get together on the Office? I wonder. Cause probably if they did, there wouldnt be any reason to watch. Except that I love that show. I love it bad.

We saw Pan's Labyrinth recently. I will write a separate review of it at some point, but the gist is, go see it. Its beautiful. Its also a bit bloody, but it is good. If you are expecting Narnia, its not like that at all. More like Titus. or if Titus and Narnia had a child, it would be Pan's Labyrinth. Oh, and the child would have to be Spanish.

I have been working hard on my ancestry. Nothing crazy new to report except that Gore Vidal is actually a very close relative to me. 3rd or 4th cousin. Kinda cool, since I like him.

OK. time to go back to work.

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Eileen said...

Congrats on making the big change!
2007 baby!