Friday, February 02, 2007

Couch to 5k Week 1 Run 2

Well, here is my second run of the "training" program. There was a lot of rain, and I was dodging puddles the whole time (while getting wet). But, I still feel like I did a great job. If the image does not load, I did a total of 2.59 miles in 32 min and 13 seconds. (this is still the same 5 min warm up, 60 sec. run, 90 sec walk (repeat 6 times) then cool down for 5 minutes) I will be doing this again tomorrow, then next week moving on to Week 2 of the challenge.

I have also challenged my self to log 28 miles this month. Should be easy, if each of these is 2.5 miles. (They will be longer next week because there is more runnin')

Hope that everyone out there in Cyberbia has a great weekend. I know I sure am gonna try.

Speaking of trying, I think that Justen and I are going to take this new bottle of $20 wine we bought and go to the cafe on the corner. Gotta love New York--where you can bring your own bottle. everywhere.

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Eileen said...

1. So glad you're running! Keep it up!

2. Forgot to link to you on my "publicist" post but I did...maybe you'll get new reader(s)...

3. Loved that Flickr thing on the right! It moves! It's Florida!