Monday, February 12, 2007

Mimin' Hurts, 'yall

So on Saturday, which was also the day of Jen Nelson Lane's big blowout birthday party, I went to an audition for a character in a TYA show. The character is basically the personification of bad. He tempts the characters back into a life of drugs, booze, or whatever. ANYWAYS, the part is masked, and a mime.

Ok, so it has been a while since I have mimed. Maybe since my last mime at grad school (i remember all of us doing a scene where we were all in a gym. Then another scene where we were attacked by our bathroom necessities---mine was shaving cream.) where was I...OH yeah. pain.

I did a little of the choreography from the show as well as some leans and other basic mime stuff on Saturday. No problem. I was actually quite good. Problem is monday now, and I still cant walk right. I used muscles that havent been used in years. There are parts of my quad which are used in mimin' that arent used in anything I have done since 2003.

I put a heat patch on today, and had to take it off cause I was sweating my ass off. And it felt like the skin on my thigh was gone. all of it.

Anyways, I have a callback for this part on Wednesday. Please pray for my little used muscles.
and my burned up thigh.


Eileen said...

You are completely sore from miming!
And you have a callback!
Bring the Ben Gay, Mr. Shields & Yarnell.
And break a (leaning) leg.

Love, Gladys

Tim said...

i will keep you in good thoughts...