Monday, November 14, 2005


Tonight I spent a lot of time adding photos to my photobucket.
Its kinda fun to pore through digital images of yourself and put them up for potentially the entire world to see....potentially.

So, I decided to give a little story from my life.

Justen and I worked together at the outdoor drama, UNTO THESE HILLS in the summer of '03. One evening when we were there, for some reason or another, there was no power. No, the dorms we were in had no air conditioning, so we depended on the fans in our windows to put cool air from the mountain stream outside our window into the room. So when the electricity went dice...

We were stuck. would we stay there all night long sweating and cursing..or would we brave the tourist trap cum historical landmark that is Cherokee, NC and look for suitable accomodation. We braved it. (note use of the word brave. we were playing indians in the drama. ironically, cherokee did not call their young warriors braves. That is just a baseball phenomenon)

It was at about 4am that we stumbled across the pochahontas motel. We had tried many others, but they were too expensive. We just wanted to take a bath, turn on the airconditioning, and go to sleep.

While Justen was taking a bath, I wanted to give him peace and quiet (a luxury we had not yet experienced since being on the hill together) so I went outside armed with my digital camera.

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This is what awaited me. The swimming pool that used to be in front of the motel is now a gravel flower bed. It had been raining. The roads were deserted. I dont look the least bit tired.

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As can be seen in this photo taken minutes later.

Well, nothing exciting happened. To my left there in the last photo is a Coke Machine (which is no longer there last time I drove by Pochahontas). I bought a soda, took a bath, and Justen and I went to bed with the TV on. We had not had a TV in quite a while either...well one that wasnt playing DVDs.

Gosh I miss living up on top of a mountain. The biggest decision of my day was whether I would go to dance class today...or skip it and have to go the rest of the week.....

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