Sunday, October 30, 2005


Okay, I wanna talk a little about Survivor. It is my guilty pleasure. Not only am I currently hooked on Survivor Guatemala, I am watching all of the re-runs on OLN. Yes. I have seen Survivor Australia, Africa, and now Marquesas. So far, Australia is my favorite. It was a season with all really likable people, and you could tell that they all really liked each other. Which brings me to this survivor. I cant really believe that they sent AMY home. She is a freaking linebacker. I think that they needed the strength a little longer...and she would have been an easy pick off later on. I think that Gary's lying ass should have gone home this time.
I read in Variety that Bobby John and Danni are both really evangelical Christians. Thank God they dont have all that praying in there. In Marquesas it seems like everytime the camera angles change...someone in praying. Give me a break...or give God a break God has better things to do than to make sure you win a million dollars. Hes got Hurricanes to make.
Speaking of hurricanes....
I am starting publicity this week on a book by Time Magazine called,"Hurricane Katrina:The Storm that Changed America". The cover is a shot of the flooded New Orleans area. It is all brown and looks like someone threw up on it. Thing is...there are some really great photos inside that would have made a better cover...there is one on the inside front page of a Mardi Gras Mask that is on te ground and all dirty and messed up. That would have made a better cover.
Anyways, SO back to AMY. I think that she proved to the tribe that she was a good hard worker and stiff competition....maybe they thought she would win too many immunities....but I doubt it with that ankle that kept getting worse. Maybe they voted her off so she could go to the doctor. Who knows. Who cares really. She is voted off. I wonder how far Stephenie will get....looks like Bobby Jon might make the jury after all. Wonder if Lydia will get much farther....

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