Thursday, January 18, 2007

Key West

Justen and I just got back from a wonderful relaxing week in the Florida Keys. I will post a couple of photos below.

This is Justen and I at the beach called "Sunset Beach" which is in Key Colony Beach. (Its on Marathon Key). The picture, while beautiful, is somewhat staged. We were watching the sunset with Marcus, Jen and Eileen (from TVs Law and Order CI).
This is me with my head through a hole to make a funny picture. In Key West.

This is Justen and I at Mile Marker Zero. (its a big landmark there) The End of The Road....

Here we are at the Southernmost Point. It also could probably qualify as the world's largest Sex Toy. I'm just sayin'
Did you know that Earnest Hemmingway's cats all had 6 toes? Me either. Now you do.

I have plenty more to share, but I don't want to waste it all at once. Patience is a virtue.
Stay tuned loyal readers.....if there are any out there.


Tim said...

Great pictures....I should really carry my camera more when I go places...I never get this kind of

Brooke said...

you're back to blogging! I miss you guys :)

Eileen said...

Hahahahah! I'm sitting here at work reading your blog (I'm loyal to Blogger so I look forward to reading your blog on Blogger, thank you very much) when someone just approached me asking about L&O! I told everybody how you called ahead and made my snorkeling experience free from pesky fans. Thank you again.

Great blog in general. Look out for some comments from me in the future...!!!!

Eileen said...

And thanks for linking me!