Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How Come ....

...when I get into the audition room, the piano is out of tune, the accompanist is playing like she is in a room the size of the Met rather than the shoe box we are actually in, and I accidentally grabbed the resumes that have one of my roles misspelled?

All I am trying to do is get a leg up. Sometimes it feels like someone else has a bigger leg up, and it is hiked up and peeing on me. Just thoughts on the audition that I blew yesterday.....

First of all, I have been wanting to audition for this company for a while. I'm not going to say what it is, because it would embarrass me. The company is Equity, so yesterday I went in expecting to wait. I got there right on time, and no one else did. I asked if they would see non-AEA, they said sure--and just to hang out for a bit. Thirty seconds later, they came back and said that they were ready for me.

The piano sounded like one of those symphonies that I used to beat out on Granny J's pots and pans. I asked her to give me a B before I started. She did, and I looked at her and said, "Really?" I thought maybe I was just anxious, and that the B really was that low. As soon as she started playing I realized that the piano was all over the place. I transposed on the fly dropping down 2 keys to more closely follow what I was hearing. Now my up-tempo song to show off my range sounded like something I could sing after a pack of cigarettes.

They asked me to sing another up tempo. I looked in my bag, and all I had were 2 ballads. One was from an operetta. The other up-tempo must still be in the printer. UGGGG. So, I sang. Then read the side. Secretly inside I was wishing they would just say "Thanks" and put me out of this misery. Could they possibly be considering me? Or are they just torturing me because the rain has kept everyone else away. There they were enjoying their coffee and doughnuts. There I was melting. All scored by "Accompanist's Pots and Pans in the relative key of E flat". They asked me about a credit on my resume. Then asked me why I misspelled the name of the role. I explained that I had grabbed the resumes from the junk pile. You know---the pile that you are supposed to glue new resumes over what is there....

When I got back home, I climbed in the bed, and told Justen that we should just pretend that I never got up this morning.

Welcome to a Day In The Life of Daniel Meredith. You think you know, but you have no idea.


Eileen said...

Oh honey, I'm so SORRY!
That sucks a pile of horse doo-doo!
I feel for you!
I too recently sang for a show I've seen twice, big casting office, and literally cracked on my last note. I'm sure they saw my face fall as I said, "Thanks" and left with my tail between my legs.

But for whatever reason, we're gonna get up and do it again another day.

Don't let it get to you!


The Lanes said...

I think bitch slapping the accompanist would have made you feel better. Keep that in mind for next time. ;)