Thursday, April 05, 2007

Too Much Beyonce

I have always wondered what would happen if someone had too much Beyonce. Most days, I feel like I have already had too much Beyonce. Take a look at the clip after the jump, and let me know what you think. Is this person a victim of too much Beyonce??

He's good, huh?

UPDATE: Many thanks to Frank at OMG Blog for giving this tiny blog a shout out.


JOHN GRAY said...

an interesting,varied blog

I have enjoyed reading it

JOHN GRAY said...


Pop-Tart said...

Uh, yeah, I was on Beyonce overload about 10 years ago, but that's just me....

Awww, this kid is going to make some guy so happy one day! So sweet!

Daniel said...

Yeah. I forsee a pagent crown in his future.

Social Citizen said...

Hey, I wanted to let you know I changed the url of my blog. It's now located at (I figured the whole "pop-tart" thing didn't have respectable longevity!)

I've also linked out to your blog from mine!