Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Thanks Google.

Isnt this a hoot. Sometimes I browse the net and see a picture that i think would be fun. Sometimes, like today, i go to google and put something crazy in...like ronald mcdonald arrested. This is what I got.

I guess that the plants in the Burger King corporation finally got their way.

(that was stupid)

Well, I have begun the South Beach Diet. I am trying to get a little slimmed down before bathing suit season, and my 30th birthday. Today is day two, and I had a little bit of Coke. Oh well. cant be perfect.

Naomi was sick last night, and Justen and I got all worried. I think things are fine now, so I wont belabour it.

ok, i cant type much more. I did some push ups, and my arms hurt.


Tim said...

I'm glad to hear that your puppy seems better! Can't wait to see ya.

Brooke said...

Yeah...I hate typing after I work out. My fingers just won't do all that lifting to reach each key......