Thursday, January 12, 2006

Guilty Pleasures

What is it about Guilty Pleasures that makes us feel so....guilty? I mean in this very me-centric culture, why should we feel bad for doing anything? Haven't the Oprah's of the world taught us that we should do whatever the hell we want to and not justify it to anyone? (Well within reason)

If you know me at all, you know that my stomach is shot. It's just a whole mess down there only inches from my throat. A couple of years ago, I went to the doctor complaining of upset tummy, and after an endoscopy, I learned that I had Barrett's Espohagus. Anyways...I had to give up many things that were staples of my diet.

Tomatoes are such a large part of America's culinary culture. Did you know that they are also extremely acidic? Too acidic for me to eat. Now. Think about this. No Tomatoes = No Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, Pizza, Marinara Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Garden Salad, and the list goes on and on and on. After all those years not liking tomatoes, now I Love them and can't eat them. I think that is what Dante called Divine Comedy.

No this little girl over here has not been playing in dirty diapers. She has merely been eating a little bit of chocolate. MMMMM Chocolate....creamy milky chocolate. I can't have it anymore. Yup, Chocolate is also extremely acidic, and makes the tummy problem worse. So for all of the little children out there, enjoy the chocolate while you can....even play in it like little girl over here. Cause one day you will grow up, and chocolate will make you ill. Perhaps if I, like this child over here, tried to insert the chocolate in my nose and eye, I could still eat it....

No, I'm not done with the chocolate rant. Why? Why does something that is so good have to be bad for you in so many ways. It seems that it should just be fattening, or just cause cavaties...or whatever. It should only have one detrimental outcome. No not dear has to run the gamut. Much like this child runs the gamut. Dirty. Mullet. Wal-Mart t-shirt. She is 7.5 years away from being toothless, pregnant, and owning her very own trailer.

This over here is big-ole deaf Christy from Survivor Amazon. Christy is the first deaf Survivor contestant. God damn. I love survivor. Not only do I watch the new episodes on CBS, but I also TiVo and watch all of the re-runs on OLN. Justen got me into it. This is a wonderful show. Survivor Amazon is currently on. Christy is still not voted off...allthough she may be...i can't remember. Who the fuck cares anyways. She is deaf. Had a full armpit of hair on day 1. And 5 minutes after she was on the island, she was complaining that noone liked her because of her disability. I don't think that is true. People were starting to get to know one another, and just had not made it to her yet. Plus maybe if they did say hello, she never heard it. That was so wrong for so many reasons. I don't dislike deaf people. I love deaf people. I think i even know how to perform the Hail Mary in Sign Language. I also can sign the chorus to We Are The World. I just don't like any person who lets a disability disable them.

Well, mu cousin Lauren, the photographer, is coming to NYC as we speak. She will be here tonight through Sunday and will be taking mine and Justen's headshots. Too bad I just got a haircut and look slightly chemotherapeudic. Oh well. You only live once. Might as well have fucked up hair. Dont have a pic of the hair. But I guess I will after Lauren takes some.

This is the end of the blog for today. Keep on Keepin on.

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